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Representing Koreatown, LA - a melting pot of many different ethnicities, traditions, & lifestyles - Rūts LA Dance Studio is a place where all cultures can freely come into one space to connect & exchange through the language of dance. Rūts aims to be a home that encourages you to explore & cultivate yourself without boundaries - to learn your identity, discover your roots, and ground yourself in who you are. We believe in a community that challenges individuals to become fearlessly themselves, & through that, can ultimately become shifters of culture through their own movement and expression. 

Welcome to our home.

Diny Kim Headshot.jpg

Diny Kim is a professional dancer, teacher, and choreographer based in Los Angeles, California. She began her dance journey in San Diego back in 2010, and is now currently dancing with the world renown dance crew GRV since 2019. Diny enjoys traveling & teaching - she has been invited to share her creative passions both home & abroad - and has taught in New York, Hawaii, & South Korea. Diny has danced for several artists in the Kpop entertainment industry such as JUN, Hong Jinyoung, and Ashley Alisha, & was also a choreographer for several commercials, most notably SONY as well as Chum Churum Soju, Chilsung Cider, & Milkis by Lotte. In partnership with the Lakers and Bibigo, she choreographed the halftime show for the Southbay Lakers Lunar New Year Game in 2024, and has danced for Netflix's  Golden AAPI Celebration Red Carpet as well as "The Brothers Sun" opening premiere in 2024. Diny is also the co-owner of Rūts Dance Studio based in Los Angeles, and hopes to create a professional training ground for aspiring artists & dancers in the entertainment industry. Her strong faith in God is where she lays the foundations of her creativity, and hopes to cultivate passion in others to boldly pursue their dreams.

Eileen Kim Headshot.jpg

Eileen Kim is a dancer, choreographer, instructor, & studio owner based in Los Angeles, CA. She first found her passion for dance when she began competing on a team based in UC Riverside, and since then has continued to share her craft through teaching both locally at studios like Offstage, Snowglobe Perspective, Kinjaz Dojo, and internationally in countries like Belgium, Colombia, China, and Korea. Eileen has danced for artists such as Rae Sremmurd & BTS, & has choreographed for Kpop artists Kevin Woo and JUN. She is currently a choreographer on the world renowned organization GRV, and is the co-director of GRV’s exhibition team, GRooVe. Eileen is a proud co-owner of her very own dance studio, Rūts LA (@rutsdancestudio), located in Koreatown, LA. Her dream is to shift culture through new approaches to teaching & entrepreneurship, & desires to continue to be a student in everything she pursues. 

what we stand for:

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